Classic Clog.

Our shoes are your canvas!

Add Jibbitz™ shoe charms to your Crocs to show your unique style and creativity! From well-known characters to popular emojis to messages you can type — have something to say? Say it! Love aliens and unicorns? Show it!

Classic Clog.

Jibbitz™ charms are accessories you put in your Crocs. They are easy to plug in and take out so you can switch up your designs anytime you want.

Classic Clog.

Time to get creative!


The Jibbitz™ Personalizer .

  • in 3 easy steps .

    Gather, place & create!

    Create your Jibbitz™ design in minutes! Our Jibbitz™ Personalizer is super easy to use on your phone, tablet or laptop. Simply pick your Jibbitz™ charms by typing messages or browsing categories. You’re sure to find plenty to cover your Crocs with!

  • place your jibbitz™ .

    Follow the blue dots!

    Once you’ve added all of your favorite Jibbitz™ charms to your drawer, choose which foot you want to start with. Then, tap the blue dots to place your charms and create your unique design. You may also change your view and add more charms from the library at any time.

  • that’s it! .

    Review & share!

    When you are finished placing all of your Jibbitz and are happy with your design, select “add to cart & check out” to purchase all of the charms placed on your Crocs. Don’t forget to share what you’ve created with your friends!

The Jibbitz™ Personalizer .

Create something great!

Choose a shoe to get started.

Classic Clog.