Find Your Fun @ Work

We make shoes that make people happy

- with our own kind of fun.

Crocs is the fun of being a little different.

Crocs is Liberating. Our shoes help people feel relaxed, empower them to be a little different. Just a little more bold, a little more colorful, a little more themselves. It’s a kind of fun that may go against the crowd – and we are comfortable with that.

Crocs is Fun. Bold, youthful and energetic, we like to push the boundaries and do the unexpected – in a playful way.

Crocs is Comfortable. When you are comfortable, you’re more comfortable being yourself.

Crocs is Colorful. Bright, bold color is positive, optimistic and we’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Crocs is Innovative. Fun and comfortable shoes don’t just happen. Expect the unexpected.

Crocs is YOU. Every day, it’s our passion, our ideas, our energy that brings Crocs to life.

Join us today. Let’s find some fun together!