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Crocs shoes for chefs.

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5 out of 5 stars

I want to buy the white ones now Review of Bistro Clog by Susana

Once you break them in, they're so comfortable. Literally had to wear them for a day during my shift and the next it was like I've been having them for months. They're also super easy to clean.
Susana - Undisclosed - Sep 22, 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Great for line cooks that stand all day. Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by Jovan

These are the most comfortable work Crocs I've owned. I work as a cook and without these Bistro Pro clogs I would not be able to stand all day. The Bostro Crocs that I've bought in the past were about a size larger than regular Crocs but these were true to size for me
Jovan - Undisclosed - Aug 22, 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Will recommend to anyone looking for a workshop-Restaurant Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by justina

I love these shoes they are so great it's my feet standing 8+ hours a day very comfortable for adorable price and they are slip resistant And all in water very easy to clean. Great support for my legs and feet
justina - Undisclosed - Aug 11, 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Best work shoes ever! Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by L&D CST

I've worn the BLACK LiteRide Bistro for several years. I work at a hospital in an operating room and I insist on wearing black, waterproof and made of washable on-the-spot material. I wear black because it hides blood spatter until I can get them cleaned up. Definitely made for wet floors!! Also, these shoes do not have vent holes which is a requirement for working in the OR. My shoes cannot leak. One pair lasts me a year of 36-40 hours per week. I'm not a small lady. These shoes are wide enough to accommodate swelling and even then, my feet do not hurt. I am beyond disappointed that these are discontinued and I am not looking forward to finding something to replace these shoes! I will scour the internet and buy all I can find until they are all gone.
L&D CST - South Carolina - Apr 06, 2022
  • Width: Feels wide
  • Fit Report: Feels true to size
  • Comfort: Very comfortable
  • Durability: Very durable
4 out of 5 stars

I will order another pair Review of Bistro Clog by Meriam

I love it it feels good to my feet.And I like it the way how they put the new crocs under like the rubber thing.
Meriam - Undisclosed - Sep 20, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Comfy! Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by Nhoelle

I bought these since I'm on my feet 8hrs/day 5 days/week. I've had Skechers that used to be comfy but are no longer. And it seems that the new models that Skechers have are not as comfy whether from width or cushion. I wasn't sure if these could handle my work load. But so far, almost a month of wearing them, my feet feel better! I can do my work without having the soles of my feet hurt from standing all day. They have a lot of room for your toes (I have small feet 4'9 100lbs). The size 6 is still a little long in the heel area. But the Velcro straps helps keep these from slipping in the back. And I can adjust easily if I wear thicker socks. Overall, these are great for working in the hospital.
Nhoelle - Undisclosed - Sep 07, 2021