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Shoe Comfort and Sizing Information

  • Crocs should not fit like other shoes.

    Order the closest available size to your usual shoe size. If you typically wear a half-size, we recommend ordering the next largest full size. They should fit loosely. Your foot should not really touch the sides of the shoe and ideally your toes should never contact with the front of the shoe, once you have centered your foot.

    Crocs styles are varied, but for those with heel straps you should be able to get your finger between the strap and the heel for a comfortable fit.

    I know that this goes against everything that you have ever been used to in a shoe, but these are the parameters that the shoe was designed to be worn under.

    No pressure points ever!

    The clog-type models are designed for a larger, weightless fit. For example, Classic has ‘individual sizes’, e.g 6, 7, 8 etc; it run a half-size large. The Beach comes in six unisex sizes, e.g S,M, L, etc and also run large. Please see the sizing chart at the bottom of each model’s page.

    As previously stated to ensure that the strap is not pulling your foot into the front of the shoe, rotate the strap forward and this should determine if your foot rests comfortably. If the strap is too short, work your fingers around the strap carefully until it is just short of the back edge of the shoe. The resin material has memory and will stay at the proper length after one or two of these types of adjustments.

    Why are Crocs beneficial for my feet?

    Beyond being comfortable, the shoes have some features that make them especially good for feet. The shoes are designed with built in arch support, circulation nubs, and an orthotic heel cup to support and protect the heel. In addition, the Crocs are ventilated for cooling and filtering purposes, as well as non-marking and odor-resistant.

    What is the difference between the Beach and Classic model?

    Our Beach style was our original and wildly successful model and it comes in only six standard/unisex sizes, as mentioned above, Crocs then introduced the new Classic model Classic which comes in individual sizes from children's 8/9 through to adult 13. This caters for more specific sizing. It also has a slightly narrower foot bed and softer circulation nubs for comfort.