Women’s Cap Toe Wedge

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    Women’s Cap Toe Wedge
    Item #12299

    It’s possible to look posh AND positively comfortable. Our new Cap Toe Wedge features a fashion-forward capped round toe and an uplifting wedge heel, but provide all the comfort details you expect from Crocs with our proprietary Croslite™ material for maximum cushioning without weight.

    Women’s Cap Toe Wedge details:

    • Fully-molded Croslite™ material for maximum lightweight cushioning and comfort
    • Cap on toe adds a finishing touch
    • Wedge style adds a little lift
    4 out of 5 stars
    Eliz from Singapore
    "for the heel height, this feels really comfy and doesn't feel the strain so much on the feet. I need to climb 1-2 flights of stairs many times a day during work and it was still manageable in these heels."


    No extra room; fits comfortably snug.

    Iconic Crocs Comfort™

    Original Croslite™ foam cushion: Feels soft with all day support.