Classic 2022 Smiley Clog

Easy to Clean.

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  • 수입자 : 크록스코리아

Classic 2022 Smiley Clog
Item #207971

Every day is a good day to smile, especially in these SmileyWorld Classic Clogs covered in all kinds of happy. Each delightful pair is charmed-out with two oversized Smiley faces, an all-over graphic print and the smiley-est rivets you’ve ever seen. Plus, there’s plenty of room to add your own personalization. Take on the day with a smile!

Classic 2022 Smiley Clog Details:

  • Incredibly light and fun to wear
  • Water-friendly and buoyant; weighs only ounces
  • Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
  • Customizable with Jibbitz™ charms
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Lightweight. Flexible. 360-degree comfort.